Revitalize Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry Services in San Francisco

san francisco cosmetic dentistry Decayed, discolored, and misaligned teeth can affect how you interact with people and the quality of your life. If you don't love the appearance of your smile, then cosmetic dentistry provides a range of solutions to help you achieve your dream smile. At the dental practice of Kevin R Barry, DDS, we provide cosmetic dentistry in San Francisco and surrounding areas. Our compassionate team utilizes innovative dental technology and equipment to create healthy and beautiful smiles.

Our San Francisco cosmetic dentist has helped thousands of residents enhance their smile's look and functionality. We not only focus on the appearance of your smile but also on improving your oral health. We will use our expertise and experience to help visualize and achieve your ideal result. We strive to treat all patients as family. Call our San Francisco dental office today to schedule your consultation with our dentist.


What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry entails dental treatments that are used to improve the feel and look of your teeth, bite, and gums. At the dental practice of Kevin R Barry, DDS, we utilize cosmetic treatments to effectively and efficiently restore decayed, damaged, misaligned, or missing teeth.

Cosmetic dental procedures do not just serve an aesthetic function but also offer oral health benefits. When our dentist restores and repairs your teeth, it reduces the probability of developing dental disease or issues in the future.

The Diverse Cosmetic Dentistry Services We Offer in San Francisco

Cosmetic dentistry helps to polish and perfect the look and functionality of your gums and teeth. Our dentists will help you select one or multiple cosmetic procedures based on your current dental situation and desires. Our cosmetic treatments are minimally invasive and often only require a short recovery time. To maximize your comfort, we will provide a numbing agent before proceeding with the dental treatment. Our treatments include the following:

Enhance Your Smile with Gum Contouring

A Gingivectomy is a process where our cosmetic dentists surgically remove gum tissues around the teeth to make them more visible. Our team uses a BIOLASE dental laser for improved comfort, precision, and healing.

Achieve a Brighter Smile with Teeth Whitening Services

If you want a whiter, brighter smile, our dental practice offers Zoom teeth whitening solutions. Our friendly team will perform teeth whitening in the dental office and provide whitening gels and trays that you can use at home. For those who enjoy the convenience of their homes, we also offer custom, take-home whitening trays that you can incorporate into your routine. Our Zoom teeth whitening services help eliminate surface stains so that you achieve that bright and beautiful smile you desire.

Beautiful Porcelain Veneers

One of the most natural-looking options for changing the look of your smile is porcelain veneers. Porcelain is specifically made to reflect light like your natural teeth do, giving you an appearance that is nearly undetectable by anyone but a dentist. They also easily allow you to enjoy the foods you love without worry because of their superior durability. Our dentist will minimally shape the enamel on the surface of your tooth before placing your new veneer to ensure a secure fit.

Restorative Dental Options to Enhance Your Smile

cosmetic dentistry in San FranciscoOur team is passionate about offering different restorative solutions for people with damaged or missing teeth. Our San Francisco cosmetic dentist provides quality dentures, crowns, and bridges that rejuvenate your smile and your oral health.

We also work with trusted local oral surgeons for implant-supported restorations. Once your implant post has been surgically anchored into your jaws, our team will design and attach your new restoration. Our cosmetic dentists can replace one tooth, multiple teeth, or a whole arch of teeth. We work closely with you to help you choose a restorative solution that caters to your lifestyle and needs.

Achieve Your Smile Goals

A full mouth rejuvenation means improving your smile's overall function and appeal using two or more cosmetic dental treatments. Our dentists will evaluate your oral health and medical history during your initial consultation to understand your unique dental needs. We will also analyze your facial structure so that we can craft a smile that is tailored for you.

Transform Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in San Francisco

If you want to change the look and feel of your smile, you can trust the dental practice of Kevin R Barry, DDS, to help you. Our San Francisco cosmetic dentist provides excellent services to help you achieve your dream smile. Our office has invested in innovative dental tools and technology to ensure you get quality cosmetic treatments with maximized comfort and faster recovery times. You can enjoy a brighter, straighter, and more beautiful smile with our cosmetic dental services. Schedule an appointment with our dentist today.


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